• “My family and I enjoyed the Howe Sound Sea Safari offered by Sewell’s Marina immensely! It was a blast seeing the wildlife, hearing the local stories from the guide and the boat ride itself was invigorating while we were tucked into our survival suits against the elements. This is truly an experience I would not want to miss!”

    Gabrielle Loren, West Vancouver, BC
  • “We rented a boat on a beautiful day – they gave us a great route to do for 2 hours. We had so much fun, and got to see the seals on the Pam Rocks, which was a very unique experience. All in all, wonderful, cheery, happy staff, who helped us have such a wonderful experience. I would recommend this to anyone, and has really made the Top 5 things we’ve done whilst here in Canada on our working holiday visa!”

    Annika, Vancouver, BC


  • “Amazing day on the water with our guide. He really knew his stuff and was patient with us as we were new to salmon fishing. We will definitely be back!”

    John, Calgary, AB
  • “I like to confirm our corporate outing was an absolutely amazing success – everybody was impressed & loved it much! I am convinced they still have their smile on their faces…So, many thanks to the team for making my event so perfect!”

    Kerstin, Langenhagen , Germany


As Canada’s largest runabout boat rental operator and having delivered experiences to the boating public since 1931, you can be sure that safety has been vital to the success of Sewell’s Marina. It is also integral to our future development and the continuation of our success.  Our commitment to safety involves all levels of the organization starting with our management team, and is embedded within all employee training programs, policies, and procedures.

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Boat Rentals:

  • A 2-hour minimum is in effect for our boat rentals. Please ensure you check in 30 minutes prior to reservation time to complete the required steps in order to rent a boat.
  • Vessels will be cleaned after each use.
  • All boat rental instructions will be given as per Transport Canada guidelines.

Boat Rental Safety is the job of everyone, from training and procedures to regulatory bodies and laws. YOU will help make your rental boat experience as safe as possible by following the Rental Boat Safety Checklist, listening during your orientation, and asking questions if you are not clear or comfortable on any aspect of the rental procedure.



Boating Safety Rules

  1. I, the pleasure craft operator, (“I”) confirm that there are the appropriate number and sizes of approved Personal Floatation Devices or Life Jackets in the boat for the number of people on board. They must fit and should be worn.
  2. I am aware that it is illegal to operate a pleasure craft, or to permit others to do so, when under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or barbiturates. Consumption of alcohol and cannabis is also not permitted by anyone on board the vessel regardless of operating the boat or not.
  3. I will only allow people who have completed and signed a rental boat safety check list, valid for the duration of this rental or have other proof of competency, to operate this pleasure craft.
  4. I have been shown how to use, and know the location of the bailer, whistle, fire extinguisher, paddles, flashlight, and buoyant heaving line.
  5. I understand that pleasure craft fitted with motors must keep clear of non-powered pleasure craft. I also understand that I am responsible for my own wake and wash and the effects that it can have on other pleasure craft, property, wildlife and the environment.
  6. If I am involved in an accident I must stop, offer assistance and give my identity.

Operation of the boat

  1. I am aware of how to responsibly operate a pleasure craft and to share waterways in a courteous and respectful manner with others involved in all water-related activities.
  2. I confirm the maximum load capacity and number of persons in the pleasure craft will not exceed 5 people if in a 17` or 7 people if in a 21′ boat. I am aware of the proper way to distribute weight in the pleasure craft for safe and comfortable ride and I will keep my passengers in the safest positions at all times – always seated while underway
  3. I have been shown that the engine must be in neutral when starting or stopping the engine and will make sure no person is in the water within the vicinity of the pleasure craft before starting and while running the motor.
  4. I have been shown and understand the operation of the throttle and gearshift lever and know where and how to operate the ignition cut off (kill) switch.
  5. I will ensure I have dock crew assistance as I depart and approach the dock and I will contact Sewell’s Marina in the event I need assistance with the vessel (604-921-3474).
  6. I know that the operator of a rented pleasure craft fitted with a motor may be subject to ticketing and a fine if he/she operate the craft in violation to items 1, 3 and/or 4 listed above.

Local Hazards and Conditions

  1. I am aware of the local navigational aids and their meaning. I also understand that ferry boats, tug boats, floating debris, rocky areas and other boaters are local hazards. Scuba divers and dive boats are marked with a flag either solid red with a white diagonal stripe or white and blue vertical colourings.
  2. I shall maintain a proper lookout at all times for other boats, swimmers, navigational hazards and changes in weather conditions – changes in weather can occur quickly creating conditions dangerous to recreational boats.

The Following is Required to Rent a Boat;

  1. Renters must be at least 21 years of age and speak fluent English
  2. Renters must hold a valid credit card (for a $500 pre-authorization) and primary ID or primary ID and $800 cash/debit
  • Primary ID: Drivers Licence, Passport, Residency Card, BCID
  1. Renters must complete a Rental Boat Safety Checklist and Prove Competency