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Jul 12

This Saturday July 16th, 2016, Sewell’s Marina is proud to announce that it will be donating 50% of our boat rental revenue to two great organizations who play an key role in conserving and protecting the great ecosystem found in our backyard. Read below about the amazing work done by the Pacific Salmon Foundation and the Vancouver Aquarium Howe Sound Research Team.

The Pacific Salmon Foundation:

“The Pacific Salmon Foundation was established in 1987 as an independent, nongovernmental, charitable organization to protect, conserve and restore wild Pacific salmon populations in British Columbia and the Yukon. Today, the Foundation galvanizes the breadth of vested stakeholders to support Pacific salmon from stream to estuary to ocean.” – (psf website)

The Pacific Salmon Foundation supports the lives of salmon in many different ways. They help raise money and create grants for volunteer community groups that conserve and restore streams across the province. They also manage watershed initiatives that help catalyze groups that interact with salmon including industry, First Nations, provincial and federal government, and other non-profits. The Pacific Salmon Foundation takes part in conducting scientific research that can help us understand the reasons for depletion in salmon population in our waters. Finally they work with government to prioritize and facilitate strategic salmon conservation in the province.

The Pacific Salmon Foundation facilitates this support of salmon by leveraging and sharing resources within the community. Sewell’s Marina is proud to be a supporting partner of the Pacific Salmon Foundation which allows more projects to be taken on every year. We are happy to announce that on July 16th, a portion of our boat rental sales will go towards supporting the Pacific Salmon Foundation as we strive to keep the waters of British Columbia a healthy and plentiful ecosystem.

Salmon have pivotal importance to BC’s ecosystem, and in turn, are very important to BC’s economy. More salmon means more nutrients for the trees, and more nutrients for more than 130 species that depend on salmon to thrive. BC’s use of natural resources attracts tourists and tourism dollars from all over the world.

To learn more about the PSF and their initiatives, please visit their website at:


VanAqua Howe Sound Research Team:

The Howe Sound Group was established in 1996 to support the efforts of the Vancouver Aquarium’s Fish Research Team. Dr. Jeff Marllave leads the team to conduct natural research history studies, do baseline documentary work, and monitor depleted groundfish stocks which allow us to better understand and protect our marine life.

Over 650 species call Howe Sound home, but damage from local pulp mills and mining has began the depletion of groundfish stocks, and the Howe Sound Research Team has began biological monitoring to assess the damage that these operations have had on our marine ecosystem. One of these projects includes the Fish Research Propagation Project which has documented the early history of Howe Sound, and the species that have resided here for years. This helps the team understand the deep roots of Howe Sound and how they can better understand the damages we have faced in the ecosystem. So far, the team has reared over 75 different species in the Aquarium laboratory as they continue to learn more about the ecosystem in our backyard. This project and many others provide important information for decision makers in our province when it comes to conservation, and protection of the species who have called Howe Sound home for thousands of years.

To learn more about the Howe Sound Research Team, please visit their website at:

Boating BC – Sewell’s Marina

Jan 26

85 Years and four generations strong; watch this video produced by Boating BC which spotlights the Sewell’s Marina legacy.

Sewell’s Marina aboard Air France!

wildlife tours, corporate adventure
Dec 07
wildlife tours, corporate adventure

Viewing the wildlife

In September we collaborated with Air France to shoot a video to entice visitors from France to visit the Vancouver area. The video is shot through the eyes of a french traveler. This french traveler comes in three forms based on which rental car you choose; a newly wed couple in a convertible, a family person in a family vehicle or traveling with a group of friends in an SUV. The great thing about Vancouver is that there are so many options for those visiting our city that there is always something to suit the needs of every travel to Vancouver. Whether you are looking for museums, beautiful gardens, adventure, culinary or shopping Vancouver has it all.

Click this link to see what you could be doing in Vancouver or Whistler:

We are fortunate to live in a beautiful place and provide an authentic experience along side so many other operators in Vancouver. Get out and explore whether you are a local resident or someone visiting Vancouver.