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Transient Orcas in Howe Sound

Jun 23

Howe Sound is in an amazing state of rebound this year, with a massive herring spawn enhancing the health of the ecosystem.This is the most successful herring spawn in more than 100 years, which has allowed for spring Chinook salmon fishing, and has attracted many pods of transient orcas into the sound. Yesterday a pod of T65A orcas were spotted in Collingwood Channel between Gambier Island and Bowen Island in the afternoon.

Get outside and explore what this beautiful part of the world has to offer! Please don’t forget to respect the animals and keep 100m away.

Have a look at the BC Cetacean Sightings Network for guidelines about how to reduce the impact of your vessel on marine animals.

For help identifying species, have a look at Wild Whales identification page!







5 Things to know when renting a boat

Vancouver Boat Rentals
Jun 19

Renting a boat in Vancouver is easy and a ton of fun for family and friends.

1. The Renter needs to be 21 years of age or older, carry a mobile telephone, and be fluent in English.

2. Bring a valid piece of identification with a credit card (Visa, M/C, or Amex) available for a $500 pre-authorization

3. Bring some friends or family with you, memories are better when shared.

4. Don’t forget the camera, sunscreen and some snacks

5. Bring your sense of adventure and get out and be with nature in Howe Sound one of North America’s southern most fjords

The beauty and peacefulness of renting a boat in Vancouver is a unique experience and a wonderful way to spend the day.

New Sea Safari Tour Added

Dec 03

Make your own waves with a Vancouver boat rental! Rent your own 15 foot or 17 foot speed boat and explore the islands and inlets of Howe Sound. Adventure awaits as you leave the dock. Whether you want to go fishing, sight-seeing, or just relax out on the water it can all happen with a rental speedboat. There is plenty of wildlife to photograph, so don’t forget your camera!