• “My family and I enjoyed the Howe Sound Sea Safari offered by Sewell’s Marina immensely! It was a blast seeing the wildlife, hearing the local stories from the guide and the boat ride itself was invigorating while we were tucked into our survival suits against the elements. This is truly an experience I would not want to miss!”

    Gabrielle Loren, West Vancouver, BC
  • “We rented a boat on a beautiful day – they gave us a great route to do for 2 hours. We had so much fun, and got to see the seals on the Pam Rocks, which was a very unique experience. All in all, wonderful, cheery, happy staff, who helped us have such a wonderful experience. I would recommend this to anyone, and has really made the Top 5 things we’ve done whilst here in Canada on our working holiday visa!”

    Annika, Vancouver, BC


  • “Amazing day on the water with our guide. He really knew his stuff and was patient with us as we were new to salmon fishing. We will definitely be back!”

    John, Calgary, AB
  • “I like to confirm our corporate outing was an absolutely amazing success – everybody was impressed & loved it much! I am convinced they still have their smile on their faces…So, many thanks to the team for making my event so perfect!”

    Kerstin, Langenhagen , Germany


Customer Safety during COVID-19

We understand the desire to get out on the water and enjoy some fresh air and we want you to enjoy a boating opportunity with limited exposure to the risks of COVID-19.

For the safety of our crew and customers, we will continue to enforce the following conditions:

  • All bookings will be by reservation only allowing us to control the number of people on site, provide written procedures and reduce on site “paper work”
  • All crew shall follow COVID-19 workplace guidance.
  • Customers or persons with symptoms of illness, those who have been in contact with those with symptoms or been in contact with people who have come from abroad prior to them completing their 14 day quarantine shall not participate and may be asked to leave by any staff member if they appear un-well.
  • We will continue to follow the stringent cleaning and sanitation protocols in place and provide ample access to hand sanitizer and hand washing facilities
  • All vessels will be washed and sanitized prior to each use
  • Visual markers in office to aid in physical distancing
  • Masks must be worn in all interior spaces and where social distancing cannot be maintained such as on the docks and during safety instructions.

Aboard the boats and around the docks/office:

  • Masks must be worn at all times when appropriate physical distancing cannot be maintained.
  • All exposed areas on the boat will be thoroughly cleaned/sanitized prior to the charter
  • Clients will be asked to bring out their own PPE and use it, this includes a minimum of a face masks and hand towel to dry their hands. (Gloves and eye protection are optional)
  • Clients will be debriefed on how to best optimize physical distancing. This will include but not be limited to; the best area to sit/stand and procedures for where to stand and deal with the catching of fish
  • Hand washing stations/sanitizing areas are provided in various locations on the vessel (it is preferred that customers use their own towels to dry their hands)
  • Extra PPE is available if any is lost or damaged or considered insufficient to meet the current standards
  • Fishing rods and other ‘multi-used’ equipment will be sanitizes or washed after being handled
  • Food and/or beverage sharing is discouraged
  • While travelling out to the fishing grounds, clients are asked to remain seated to ensure they do not encroach on others personal space
  • Washroom facilities are available but no other use of the below cabin space will be permitted
  • Customers are asked and reminded to maintain ‘Social distancing” on the dock and at the cleaning station
  • Customers will be encouraged to follow provincial protocols for travel to and from the dock
  • Contact info will be kept on file for 30 days from date of Charter
  • Payment for trip can only be made with one Credit Card

Rod tips up and stay safe!