• “My family and I enjoyed the Howe Sound Sea Safari offered by Sewell’s Marina immensely! It was a blast seeing the wildlife, hearing the local stories from the guide and the boat ride itself was invigorating while we were tucked into our survival suits against the elements. This is truly an experience I would not want to miss!”

    Gabrielle Loren, West Vancouver, BC
  • “We rented a boat on a beautiful day – they gave us a great route to do for 2 hours. We had so much fun, and got to see the seals on the Pam Rocks, which was a very unique experience. All in all, wonderful, cheery, happy staff, who helped us have such a wonderful experience. I would recommend this to anyone, and has really made the Top 5 things we’ve done whilst here in Canada on our working holiday visa!”

    Annika, Vancouver, BC


  • “Amazing day on the water with our guide. He really knew his stuff and was patient with us as we were new to salmon fishing. We will definitely be back!”

    John, Calgary, AB
  • “I like to confirm our corporate outing was an absolutely amazing success – everybody was impressed & loved it much! I am convinced they still have their smile on their faces…So, many thanks to the team for making my event so perfect!”

    Kerstin, Langenhagen , Germany

The History

Fishing is the lure that reeled in Dan Sewell Sr. to Horseshoe Bay. It was the place to come to fish and it still is today. Fishing started with hand lines and evolved as all aspects of the business did. From the introduction of the pole to the reel to bait strip to cut plugs. Fishing derbies were constant and for years the “Sun Derby” operated out of Horseshoe Bay, with hundreds of anglers and hundreds of spectators.


Horseshoe Bay Composition

– by Brent Wood

“Oh – I get up early in the morning just at the

break of day

and head out in the direction of beautiful

Horseshoe Bay

There’s not a place in this wide world where

Salmon would rather play

Than out at Tommy Sewell’s place on beautiful

Horseshoe Bay.

Now you don’t have to bait your hook; Tom’ll

do that if you wish

He’ll even row your boat and he’ll also land

your fish.

So – good night folks it’s getting late I gotta be

hittin the hay

I’ll see you all at sunrise on beautiful

Horseshoe Bay.”